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Since year 2003 AJISAKA Producer of Reclaimed/recycled Teak wood Furniture.all of our recycle Prime grade Teak recovered carefully by Hand to get all furnitures are suitable in your located. Our furniture is made of 100% from recycled teak or reclaimed teak but did not come from 'Joglo,'Limas/Pyramid'which are traditional houses in Java. Joglo ,Limas that houses relics of the ancient custom with the quality of his artwork has value as a form of high architectural and cultural areas and need to be preserved and we do not want our culture destroyed by our own. Help us to preserve our culture because our culture is our identity.

Ajisaka always continues production with range colonial style, modern style,contemporary style use of 100% Solid reclaimed/Recycled teak wood , traditional skill and 100% without chemical treatment.We understand that the market requirement between countries are so vary, that is why Ajisaka also producing furniture based on customers own design or drawing. this is our life so awareness of production due date, Quality , Reasonable Price and Service is our comittment. Ajisaka is ideal place for you to get Reclaimed teak tables, Reclaimed teak cabinet, reclaimed teak bar table, reclaimed teak wardrobe etc. Please look around our website and contact us to more discuss to get actual reference and make the better life in future together.

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