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Marketing Concept
The marketing concept of our company is purely base on internet. In this concept we use internet technology to communicate directly with our buyer. In this matter we always use chatting, email, voice mail, internet telephone (skype) and other internet product, so we can online almost 24 hour. If there is a complain from our buyer regarding our product, we will be able to act accordingly and instantly, at least we could provide temporary suggestion for our customer due to the different span of time.

We offer our entire product, new design or still on process, through our sites, now we have three sites which in accordance to our concept of marketing are suited with our need right now. The sites are:

As a producer with handmade base of producing our furniture, not machinery, we desperately need a good communication media as a bridge of understanding and product knowledge with our buyers. While many of our buyer are in grocer level (large or small) then sell the goods to retailer and finally the retailers (furniture shops) sell our product to the end-users, we have to keep our communication as smooth as possible.

Direct communication with our buyers is, in our opinion, very important activity which leads to definite picture about the need and demand from buyers. While the buyers surely have their desire and purpose that have to be synchronize with the needs and dreams of their end-users who would use our furniture in daily basis.

Other than doing internet activities we also have other marketing techniques, attending furniture fair. There are many kind of furniture fair even in Indonesia. We select the highest quality, the most promising, producers basis fair, and always select a fair for ‘buyers only’ to attend to. Long before the opening ceremony of the fair we would have our invitation be spread out via internet to our buyers and candidate buyers by email. From our last fair (Iffina 2009), we have ensuring the result from internet activities which indicates the effectiveness and most efficient media to communicate.

Taking into matter, as far back, our assumption to communicate as direct as possible (face to face) with our customers is still the most important and absolute way to communicate. Only in the year of 2008 we did not attend any fair in Indonesia, so Iffina 2009 was very important to our marketing concept. We can receive in a direct manner the remonstrance or input from what the buyer are realy needs and also to improve our product, vice versa, we could share our knowledge about the advantage and limitation of products. We always treat our buyers as our partner, we do not hold back any limitation and surely our difficulties from our buyers, all information have to be share.

If all communication went well, we hope could do business in a permanent way with all of our buyers. All could be done well if all sides have the honesty and openness quality.

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