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Product Concept (2)
Indirect material such as glue and the material use for finishing we devise our best to avoid material that can harm environment. We always first consult to our buyer regarding the application of finishing material to the furniture, if they have a little objection we will search for the subtitle material.

We mainly use hardware such as hinges, handles, etc., that made from brass and was specially ordered from Pati-Juwana, a place for brass craftmen. These craftmen produce their goods also by handmade basis. It make easy for us to order any design to fulfill some buyers demand with special hardware.

The system of production process is very much alike with what our ancestors do ages ago. The different is only at professionalism. Long ago, if the people needs some furniture or utensil they will made them by their self. It went along with the making of furniture. If a man made a good furniture (so they call him a carpenter), his neighbors will ask him if he can make the table again. Because mostly what they do for a living was farmer, he would make the table in his spare time only. Once the table is finish it will last very long, remembers Dingklik Table, this teak furniture will be inherited by, even, his great-grand children for the durability of teakwood. While nowadays, there is a small chance a carpenter will double his job by doing his rice yard also. The professionalism can be expected.

For custom design concept, what we mean by that are any design that did not follow our standard style (colonial) or sizes, this mainly to fulfill the interior design from our buyer whose had been asked by their customer to make special furniture according to the sizes of their room. We are very proud with this custom of product concept because, in our opinion, this will beat our competitor down, especially product from China. We only have minimal order for container base. We do not have minimal order for a single product (container base purchase order). On the contrary, machinery or mass production will have to go through complicated process to adjust all the machine for producing one component of furniture (a single furniture has at least ten components). It will not be logical to order one custom table to a furniture manufacturer (machinery), reaching competitive price for that one table is impossible.

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