NC-09 teak
Product Concept Development
For the moment now, we see an opportunity to get our self to furniture market with modern style. We think that minimalist/maximalist style has a prominent future. In the last fair (Iffina 2009), we learn that this kind of style has its own followers and will last at least in three year to come.

The development for modern style will have to adapted to the characteristic of reclaimed teak and its spirit of eco-friendly (green furniture). With the limitation of material sizes along with attempt to reach some competitive prices, we concluded to use laminated and finger-joint system.

For outdoor (garden) teak furniture, we think that we could start to compete in this market, we can afford some competitive prices to produce some tables and chairs full with reclaimed teak material. For now, we still can not talk much for international market of outdoor (garden) teak furniture, but we surely looks forward with our development program. Our own market is starting to wriggle as our dear buyers start to get their eye on reclaimed teak garden (outdoor) furniture.

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