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Reclaimed Teak Only (1)
Reclaimed Teak Only is not just our company motto. Reclaimed Teak is a manifest to what people call with ‘kayu lawas’, which is mainly comes from old teak houses (or from other sources such as old bridges, stables, shed or cow/buffalo house, old ship, etc) with some years than can be categorize as old to be broken down and taken as main components for furniture production, the material are not from new cut-down teakwood trees or plantation teakwood. We used Reclaimed Teak Only as our motto as part of our past activities as an environmentalist so that goes with our current spirit to make our earth more greener (as in Green Furniture) and for Eco-Friendly enthusiasm which had been the talk around the world. The term of ‘kayu jati lawas’ or Reclaimed Teak in English also known as Recycled Teak, Refurbished Teak, Remade Teak, Rediscovered Teak, and many other term.

The use of material that comes from old houses, old bridges, railroad, ships, etc., we are trying our best to avoid the using of new cut-down teak trees and also diminishing illegal logging especially to teak trees that even now is still going on. Even though, we are not saying that we never use the new teak (especially from plantation) as our material of furniture because we still selling chairs. As known, the design of chairs used a lot of curves so it hard and difficult for us to make the chair using Reclaimed Teak material. From all material that we used, chair’s teak material taking only five percent.

We categorize our carpenter’s tools as in traditional level because they only the continuation of the same tools as our ancestors used in the past long ago. For example, a jack-plane tool is used to level the surface of a plank, in old ways the tool is made of woods with a steel or iron chisel so it can be plane out on wood to make a smooth and level surface. The tool can be used also to taper down the width of a plank; this can be done by leveling the chisel that will eat-out the wood. Nowadays, a jack-plane is added with some electricity and a small machine modification, we call this tool as hand-planer. The function and utility of this tool is still the same, it still utilized human power (even though, diminished by the small machine and electricity).

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