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The moisture content in Reclaimed Teak is around 10 to 18 percent which made these materials superior to other teak material. This low moisture content made the material as easy handling in production as it will not need to put in the dry chambes anymore. The color character of Reclaimed Teak is always fixed and beautiful by natural ages, meaning that it will not change a lot according to the passing of time, the grain are very prominent.

That can be achieved because the teak material are cropped from places (old teak houses, bridges, etc.) with ages beyond 50 years old, without any finishing the furniture are already beautiful. So, if we look back to the origin of Reclaimed Teak material we will have teakwood wiht a minimal 100 years in ages. In mean time, the teak material to build houses ages ago are cropped from teak trees that planted in the yard with a minimal ages of 50 years old to reach acceptable diameter and straight log to be used as main column and rod for the house. Even the planks for the walls would need a wider diameter teak tree so the log could produce enough widht to provide a cover for the whole house. These log to produce wall planks are always without sapwood.

Our ancestor who planted these teak trees ages ago had an only intention which is to prepare the houses component for their children or grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. And that goes along for their offspring that would plant teak trees in the yard for their offspring, not for their self.

If we research further more, the furniture that are produce using Reclaimed Teak will endure more to the extreme climate without any complicated handling (eg. dry chamber) on a newly cut-down teak trees. These teakwoods are already weatherproofed as they had been used as part of houses, bridges, ships, etc.; exposed by the changing climate, rain and the sun. Shrink-ness or contraction that normally happens to any teakwood will not be the main problem anymore for Reclaimed Teak (kayu jati lawas), on the contrary, shrink-ness was always the main problem for a newly cut-down teak. Also, the handling of Reclaimed Teak material is not as complicated as with new teak; the new teak will have to reach some acceptable percentage of moisture content in order to be produce as furniture. First as a tree, procedure of ‘penderesan’ or tapping the teak trees minimal in one year before it can be cut-down. After that, the log would have to be kept in minimal in one year also, before the logs are put in the saw mill so we can make our choices of furniture component that we need. From sawmill, the teakwood will have to pass through dry chamber procedure (there are many theory about process in the dry chamber) minimal about one month long.

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