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We also have our difficulties according to the characteristic of Reclaimed Teak material. The main problem was always about the size of source material which are very limited, teak material to make plank with more than 2 cm depth and 20 cm width are hard to find because the house’s column has a normal size ranging from 12 cm to 18 cm. Any column with 20 cm width or more are categorized as special or extraordinary item and cost us some fortune to buy them in the market. In accordance, the designs of our furniture are also depend on those sizes of teak material. We suited the sizes of teak material which comes from sources like old house (joglo, limasan, empyak, etc.) with our need of furniture components, for example, for the leg 10x10cm of a dinning table we use house’s columns or girder minimal with 12x12cm in size. For the main structure of a cupboard we use rafter (usuk) with the size ranging from 4x6cm to 4x8cm.

Other problem which always comes with Reclaimed Teak material are nail holes, paint stain, and other defect that are normal for material sourced from old houses, bridges, and other sources. Notwithstanding these problems are well known and understandable to our old buyers, we still has to be very creative in choosing the teak material in order to alleviating or concealing these holes/defect, we put those material face down or placed them in the back.that can not be seen directly. The consequences are more and more waste.

Although for product like flooring, roofing, and outdoor product can be produce using Reclaimed Teak material (kayu jati lawas), for the mean time, we are not yet find a soluble way-out to produce these material in reach competitive price level. But with an incessant campaign of world global warming threat toward more green environment (green furniture) and also toward eco-friendly, more and more buyer starting to aim products using Reclaimed Teak material (kayu jati lawas). Therefore, since long, we expanded our production in roofing and outdoor (garden) furniture using Reclaimed Teak material.

One thing that still in criss-cross understanding is the core meaning of reclaimed teak, recycled teak, refurbish or any other term of ‘kayu jati lawas’ itself. Some people think that reclaimed teak can be put as Reclaimed Teak material as long as those material had been used, even though only for a short period. That opinion neglecting the ages of how long teak material can be categorized as reclaimed teak so it has an acceptable moisture content to produce as reliable furniture products. They ignore the adhere meaning of ‘lawas’ or old in the term of reclaimed teak itself.

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