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Producer of Recycle Teak Indoor – Outdoor & Project Furniture

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Reclaimed Teak -
Recycled Teak - SVLK - FSC

Welcome to Ajisaka,
CV Ajisaka Baru is Meuble Producer from Indonesia Established in 2003. We started this business with a focus on recycling teak materials, which at that time we had received knowledge from our parents that it protects the environment. Sustainability is absolutely necessary in order to remain beneficial for the next generation.
We believe that designing and decorating your home is not just about filling it with products to make it look good, it’s the feeling you get from how everything comes together. This is a story about your personality, about your family. It’s not just there to look good, it’s your life and personality, it’s home! and that’s what we keep in mind when we manufacture your order to be exactly what you want.
We bring you products that are sourced and made responsibly because this business is our life. We are constantly developing our stuff to work well and beautifully in areas you will enjoy.


Sustainable Furniture Only

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt
What ?
Sustainable furniture is using materials with the Minimal Negative/Low impact on the environment, such as:
– Material come from Recycle Source
– Finishing Natural without Chemical that can pollute the environment and harm the population.
– Local manufacturer to save a transportation
– Damage items can be reused
– Does not use illegal materials, Especially not using Wood from forest that are not purchased through a credible Government  Department (Illegal Logging) and Credible Auditors
 Ajisaka only Producing Furniture with  enviromental material , That is our non negotiable commitment.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

We understand that everyone’s furniture needs can be different because they have to adjust to the room they have and an exclusive design, for that we are always open to working on furniture with a customer’s special design.
We basically have no minimum order quantity, so if you want to purchase only one piece of furniture then we will make it and send it to you. However, it was not very practical and cost-efficient to buy in small quantities from overseas since the delivery cost was quite high for retail. We always suggest our customers buy in a minimum of 1 x 20 ft container.
You can mix as many designs as you want in one container. And also, a container-size order will be cheaper than a retail order, it’s because the efficiency of production and transportation.


Teak is a beautiful wood, which is valued not only for the quality of its grain and color, but also for its strength and resistance to weathering and fungus. It is a versatile wood and can be found in paneling, flooring, siding, furniture and decking. For any application, interior or exterior, teak brings many extraordinary benefits. But what is it about reclaimed teak that gives it such a universal appeal? Because it’s highly durable and lightweight and the wood has both a unique texture and unique coloring and the most important thing is environmental friendly (Sustainability). Is Teak from Indonesia sustainable? The management of teak forests in Indonesia is carried out by state-owned enterprises in the form of public companies (Perum) Perhutani and Perum Perhutani which have implemented sustainable forest management as evidenced by obtaining certificates of sustainable forest management, both mandatory, namely Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL) and voluntary. namely the FSC-CW certificate with an international level. And we also produce orders that are environmentally friendly and sustainable with proof of the certificates we got. Ajisaka is ideal place for you to get furniture of your dream.


We have been around this business for a long time (“This is our life”). In doing so, we are not merely serving our buyer as customer, we need to do this business as closely as possible with our customers in order to established long term mutual and reciprocal understanding. The awareness of production due date, reliable quality and a reasonable/competitive prices would be reach automaticaly.

Go through our website to get a clearer reference about Ajisaka and  do not hesitate to contact us for more information and discussion. and of course we would be verry happy if we could visit each other to better understanding in cooperations

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Office  : Tytyan kencana Block R1 no 4 Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17142 Indonesia

Warehouse : Ds Bawu RT 32 RW 07 Batealit – Jepara 59461

Email : ajisakacv@gmail.com

Phone :  +62 812-8130-2491

Follow instagram kami : @gustono_ajisaka


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