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Konofa TV Stand

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Konofa TV Stand Made from Solid Recycled teakwood and  combine with woven coconut stick.

If you are looking for a TV table that is multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing, this piece of furniture is the best choice for your living room, bedroom or workplace!
This teak wood TV table has a minimalist, rustic and primitive design with the touch of the hands of skilled craftsmen. With 4 large storage doors with one shelf to organize your various items. Made from Recycled Solid Teak wood and combined with handmade “Lidi” woven material, this TV table is guaranteed to be strong, sturdy and long-lasting.

The size shown here is 240 x 45 x h45 cm, you can order with your own size and model…

Sonofa TVD  300x130 - Konofa TV Stand


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