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Since the issue of global warming known as the global warning is discussed, at both international and local, drastically environmental awareness becomes an important point in human life. Suddenly the Go Green movement became so popular and move simultaneously in almost all over the world. So what exactly is Go Green?

Every aspect of life was filled with eco-conscious movement, from the arrangement of the house / office that are environmentally friendly, to a company policy that label themselves with Go Green banner prominently posted in the offices and event activities. In fact, within a few decades ago, not many people who care about this issue. If anything, more dominated by local and international NGOs.

Various ways have been undertaken, in order to suppress the burden of the earth, as a result of the use of technologies that are not environmentally friendly. It’s no secret anyway, how every year the rate of deforestation is increasing, so the total forest cover as a buffer to the sustainability of ecosystems disrupted, resulting in the emergence of climate change and natural disasters, such as floods and landslides. Not to mention, motor vehicle exhaust gas emissions, households and factories contribute to making the planet hotter.

In general, global warming or better known as global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface. The main cause of global warming is increasing the greenhouse effect on the earth. So do not be surprised, if only in a matter of years, changes in Earth’s temperature rose drastically. It is characterized by the least extensive ice cover in the polar north and south, due to the collapse of the ice-ice region

In fact, at first, the greenhouse effect is very useful for living things on Earth, due to the greenhouse effect causes the atmosphere to warm. Condition that makes the earth warmer place to live by all living things. If the greenhouse effect does not exist, then the world becomes a very cold planet.

However, in recent years, the greenhouse effect has increased significantly in caused global warming, the rising temperature of the Earth’s surface and cause a very extreme climate change.

Moreover, it can result in disruption of forests and other ecosystems, thereby reducing its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. One of the impacts of global warming is to look at the behavior of orangutans (Pongo Pygmeus) in the interior of Borneo. Once this arboreal animals live in the tops of the trees by eating fruit and insects, however, the activity of the orangutan is now more below.

If global warming is not addressed will lead to greater impact the loss of the islands resulted in the changing face of our world map. This disaster caused by rising sea levels due to melting icebergs in the polar regions. If this condition is allowed to continue, it is probable that the future generations suffer the consequences.

Then, they can only hear the legend about the wonders of nature that they can not enjoy. Starting from consciousness, some scientists in the world working hard to reduce the impact of global warming, the one with the go green movement campaigning.

Simply put, Go Green it is commonly used in the propaganda campaign care environment, or can also be regarded as a movement ‘back to basic’ environmental awareness. Propaganda this purpose all kinds, including increasing awareness of the environment.

The practice of this discourse, including reducing carbon consumption per person per capita (carbon footprint) on a variety of resources, both non-renewable such as oil, gas and minerals, and critical resources such as trees, water, marginal land, materials chemicals maker polymer (plastic), and its derivatives.

Indeed, the movement is not just a moral movement to build awareness about the environment, but more a tactical movements and strategies to anticipate climate change in the present and future. In short, the movement is about an era of reform thinking and tactical concrete actions to integrate life.

Today, people are no longer restricted by geographical barriers and frontiers in building a communal consciousness. Undeniably, educated people who live on Earth began  aware of the concept of sustainable development (sustainability). That paradigm is visible from snowball phenomenon ‘environmental revolution’ today.

Although at an ideological level, everyone believes the preservation of nature. The question that arises is how derivative actualization way in everyday life. Redundant if awareness is not practiced.

Generally, when everyone asked about the importance of environmental safe, simultaneously definite answer, YES. However, they do not understand, if saving the environment will air impact their enjoyment sacrifices, such as reduced use of private vehicles, not smoking, not using electricity in excess, to a reduction in the use of air conditioners. Or more extreme, do not use chemicals that damage the environment.

So, do not wrong to Go Green is the most expensive gift can we give our children and grandchildren. The concept of Go Green or go back to nature with respect to environmental conditions, a very large effect on the success of reducing the threat of global warming.

Having said that, there are some principles systematically standard that has become a reference in the Go Green movement worldwide. This principle is summarized in a symbol that’s easy to remember, which is 4R. The 4R which we can apply in everyday life in order to minimize residual or final results are:

  1. Reduce or we can call to reduce our efforts in life is to reduce or material goods that we use. Due to minimize it will reduce the waste it generates.
  2. Reuse or reuse is by way of buying goods that can be reused or goods that are not disposable. The development of a more advanced age creates disposable items to lighten our work, but their impacts are very dangerous, because it will cause large amounts of waste from the goods.
  3. Recycle ie recycle, now many ways to utilize waste into valuable recyclables, this way we can reduce waste and make valuable items.
  4. Replace what can we interpret the change that is trying to replace these items with environmentally damaging goods that are environmentally friendly, so  goods if a trash can in the natural degradation.

With the 4 principles, it is expected that the burden should be on the responsibility of the Earth can be reduced, or at least the amount of waste the final result did not increase drastically. Therefore, let’s it make a culture and execute the movement to go green, be a part of our lifestyle. Since no effort most significant, except for self-start. That’s why, to save the most effective starting from small things. Time to reduce the threat of global warming by starting life Go Green. www.ajisaka.com ; www.ajisaka.biz

posted 8th January 2013 by  Gustono ajisaka

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